LEGO Technic - 8043 - Motorized Excavator

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No dirty job is too big for this heavy-duty Motorized Excavator! Just flip a switch on the LEGO® Power Functions dual infrared remote control to drive the excavator to job sites, spin the cabin 360 degrees, to maneuver the articulated arm and to dig with the shovel. Download instructions for rebuilding into a Tracked Loader.

LEGO Power Functions include two infrared remote control handsets, 4 motors, 2 receivers, 4 linear actuators and a battery box. Four motorized functions: Move! Dig! Spin! Lift!

Deep scoop bucket comes equipped with strong digging claws! 2 in 1 model rebuilds into Tracked Loader Excavator measures over 18" (45 cm) long Alternative model building instructions only available for download from

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