LEGO - 40179 - Personalized Mosaic Portrait

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Creative people will love turning their favorite photos into awesome artworks with this LEGO® Mosaic Maker building kit. Upload a photo to the Mosaic Maker experience on and receive digital building grids. The builder can then enjoy some quality time creating a mosaic version of the photo with 4,500 1x1 LEGO plates (5 colors; 900 of each color). There’s no limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded for digital building grids, so the mosaic can be rebuilt unlimited times.
  • Awesome LEGO® Mosaic Maker building set, featuring a 48x48 gray LEGO baseplate and 4500 1x1 LEGO plates in 5 colors (900 in each color) to recreate favorite photos as mosaics.
  • Upload a photo to the Mosaic Maker experience on and get a digital building grid to transform it into a LEGO® artwork. Upload unlimited photos and rebuild the mosaic unlimited times.
  • Makes a great birthday present, holiday gift or surprise treat for ages 10 and up.

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